1 2 Carat Diamond Studs Know More About the Colors of the Diamonds, Jewelers of even renowned ancient civilizations knew of colored diamonds, but they also new how rare these were and extremely difficult to get in comparison to the already tough to discover clear diamonds. However, with better mining techniques and greater geological clues, […]

1 2 Carat Diamond How to Find Engagement Rings of Her Choice, Are you likely to propose to your girlfriend time this coming year? Of course should you be, you certainly should pick the right kind of engagement ring to be with her. But with many forms of diamond engagement rings to choose from, it […]

1 2 Carat Diamond Earrings Diamond Engagement Ring – How to Find The Right Diamond for Your Ring, Black diamond is among the rarest stones and far more expensive than white diamond and yellow diamonds. It is called black diamond because distinctive dark hue. These stones are mainly present in Brazil plus Central African Republic. […]

1 2 Carat Diamond Ring Diamond Engagement Ring Depicts True Love, The origin from the black diamond is Brazil however, many realize its the result of meteor strike. Recently they’ve got started sprouting up in Africa as well. They are now very popular because putting them on is surely an indication of love, power, wealth […]